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ATTENTION READERS:  My new book, "The World of Shalamar" has been published and is available to be purchased by clicking the link below.  Kids will love it, Teenagers will enjoy it, and adults can escape into an alternate reality of science fiction, adventure, and fun.

The World Of Shalamar By: William Bailey


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The World's Information Network (T.W.I.N.)


 Coming soon, "Hidden Lakes" my new novel.  It's a psychological thriller 


Check out my new book "The Theological Universe" at the link below:

 The Theological Universe


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The Theological Universe eBook




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Check out my newly published 19th century fiction book titled "Murder in Stratford" in the "Links" tab to the left.

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The site's owner, William Bailey is a published author of numerous publications in many areas including world political news and fictional fantasy.  Among the list of retailers, & book store sites, William Bailey's book storefront's link is below.

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